How to Clean Your Wax Warmer

How to Clean Your Wax Warmer

One of the major benefits of using a wax warmer is its easy cleaning process, especially when compared to the messiness of microwave wax—particularly when you find yourself repeatedly heading to the kitchen for reheating (the struggle is real). Fortunately, the NEOMANN wax warmer simplifies the process, making it the ideal choice for hassle-free hair removal.

Once you've set up your machine, melted your wax, and achieved that smooth, silky feel after waxing, it's time for cleanup. The cleaning process doesn't have to be difficult.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to clean your wax pot and wax warmer in minutes, without any added trouble. Scroll to the bottom for the video! 

Turn your wax warmer off before cleaning | NEOMANN

1. Turn off the wax warming machine completely:

To prevent injuries or burns, ensure your wax warmer is turned off completely before starting the cleaning process. Cleaning becomes easier when the wax is dry.

2. Remove the wax pot from the warmer:

While the wax warmer cools, carefully take out the wax pot. Use the handle to avoid burns when handling the pot.

Use spatula and gather wax before cleaning | NEOMANN
3. Bring the wax together and wait for it to dry:

As the wax begins to dry, use the spatula to gather it in the pot for easy removal later. This makes the wax removal process effortless and clean.


Once dried, pull the wax out of the pot | NEOMANN
4. Pull the wax out of the pot:

Once the wax has dried in the pot, use the spatula to begin removing it. You should be able to pull the wax out in one go. Save any remaining wax for your next hair removal session.


Clean wax pot with any choice of oil and paper towel | NEOMANN
5. Clean any residue with oil and a paper towel:

If there is leftover wax residue, use oil (such as olive or coconut oil) and a paper towel to remove it. It may require some extra scrubbing, but you'll appreciate the effort.


Clean the wax warmer machine with oil and tissue | NEOMANN

6. Clean the wax warmer:

By now, your wax warmer should be cool enough to clean. If it's still hot, please wait. Follow the same instructions to clean the wax warmer with oil and paper towels.


After cleaning, your wax pot should be ready for reuse | NEOMANN
7. Ensure both wax warmer and pot are squeaky clean:

Now, your wax pot and warmer should be squeaky clean!


Place the pot back after cleaning | NEOMANN

8. Place the pot back:

Put the wax pot back inside the wax warmer, ready to be used again.

We recommend cleaning your wax pot and warmer after each use to keep them in great condition, ensuring they last a long time. Regular cleaning prevents the buildup of residual wax, contributing to a smoother and more efficient waxing experience.

Happy Cleaning!

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