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Tea Tree Wax Beads

Tea Tree Wax Beads

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Crafted with a wonderful blend of Tea Tree, these wax beads are perfect for a natural feel during your wax treatment. Enjoy a herbal sensation with these premium wax beads.

The beads are a convenient and efficient way to achieve silky-smooth skin when coupled with our Waxer II or Waxer II Deluxe Kits.


Exceptional Performance

Designed for easy application and effective hair removal, our wax beads ensure a painless and efficient waxing process.

Quick and Painless

Melt the Wax Beads quickly, apply them effortlessly to the desired area and experience smooth and pain-free hair removal.

Versatile Use

Perfect to use on your both body and face. This includes the legs, arms and sensitive areas such as the bikini or underarms. You will experience professional-quality results that last.


Our wax beads come in environmentally friendly paper packaging that can be easily sealed and for multiple use. 450g in resealable packaging.

Care Instructions

Keep out of children’s reach to avoid choking. Store the beads away from moisture and wet areas.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Emily Jones
Invigorating scent and smooth application

A refreshing twist to my routine! The invigorating scent and smooth application make it a winner. Definitely a must-try!

My favourite so far

This wax beads are the best I ever tried. They melt really easy, it's not sticky, and takes off the hair really nicely. Also they smell really good! 100% recommended!