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Waxer II

Waxer II

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The Warm Waxer II is the perfect way to achieve professional salon results at home for first-timers or experienced waxers.

The Waxer II Kit includes: 

  • Warm Waxer
  • 100g Tea Tree Wax
  • 100g Rose Wax
  • 100g Milk Wax
  • 10x Small Wax Sticks
  • 10x Large Wax Sticks
  • User Manual


Warm Waxer

The premium wax warmer features adjustable settings with fast melting options and a non-sticky removeable plan that can be easily cleaned. Suitable for most wax types, including hard wax, strip wax and paraffin wax.

Wax Beads

Enjoy a choice between three lovely flavours of Rose, Milk and Tea Tree.You can experience the art of waxing with these premium wax beads, crafted to deliver flawless results. The beads are a convenient and efficient way to achieve silky-smooth skin when coupled with our Waxer II or Waxer II Deluxe Kits.

Fast Melting

The warmer comes with a 360° heat coil for fast wax melt. The warmer only needs 10 minutes to melt hard wax beans allowing for fast-use, with salon results.

Adjustable Settings

The wax warmer can reach a temperature of 80°C to 110°C. Set the temperature for melting then turn the button down to medium to maintain the heat.

Auto Power Off

Once reached the ideal temperature for heating, the warmer will automatically power off and reset for safety.

Easy to Use

The removable container is safe and easy to use to both clean and heat the wax. There is no oil required to clean, making it easy to remove any leftover residue. Simply heat the wax at the recommended temperature, apply to your skin and remove.

Suitable for Most Wax

The waxer can heat up most wax types including hard wax, strip wax, paraffin wax, etc. 98% of body hair, such as armpit, bikini area, eyebrows, beard and other hair.


Keep your hands and nails free from wax and potential mess with these large sized, latex-free gloves.

Alloy Tweezers

Elevate your waxing and grooming experience with our Precision Black Tweezers, constructed from durable iron and designed to perfection for the removal of stubborn stray hairs.

Paper Rings

A great way to keep your warmer clean and free from mess.

Wooden Wax Applicators

Available in two sizes for the face and body, designed to make your waxing experience a breeze.


The warm waxer is coated with a plastic casing. The inside aluminum warming pot is treated with Teflon, making it easy to clean.

All packaging is reusable, biodegradable and sustainable.


Wax warmer: 18cm x18cm x14cm

Box: 20cm x 20cm x 15cm

Care Instructions


Keep out of children’s reach to avoid accidents.

Store the device away from moisture and water sources (such as bathtubs, sinks, etc). If the wax heater falls into water: immediately unplug it from the mains. Do not use the device in the event of a malfunction.

Follow the instructions in the user's manual and never use the wax heater on the floor. Disconnect the unit when finished and allow it to cool off before cleaning and storing. Never pour anything other than wax into the container provided. Test the temperature before each use.

Caution: Risk of burn injuries.

Keep the device and its cord out of reach of children under 8 years of age. 

The device is not intended to be used by people with limited physical, sensory or mental capacities, including children, or people with limited experience and knowledge unless a person responsible for their safety provides supervision and prior instructions concerning the use of the device and its dangers. 

The wax heater's surface may generate residual heat after use. 

Incase of damage, do not attempt to repair the device: contact us directly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mess free

This waxer is so easy to use. I have tried many in the past. But this one is premium. Good job!

Easy to use and works great

I like this kit, it works well for removing hair and easy to clean up!

Did an amazing job

I recently purchased this wax warmer, and I am thoroughly impressed! It performs flawlessly, doing its job without a hitch. The efficiency and ease of use make it a standout product. No issues whatsoever. Highly recommend!"

Absolutely worth it! 10/10

I've always been so scared to wax at home because of my experience with microwaveable wax where i've burned myself, and the monthly salon trips are getting expensive so I decided to try this waxing kit. All I can say is, WOW! I never thought waxing could be so easy and painless. As a bonus, there was hardly any mess.

Highly recommended

Loved your Product. Top quality & very easy to use. It does what it's supposed to do.